Waste Oil Heater - Eliminator

Introducing Eliminator Waste Oil Heater

Waste oil heater - Eliminator


Most important facts:
  • Burns on almost any oil - you can fuel it with waste oil, new oil, vegetable oil and on transmission fluid
  • Fast  and reliable - immediately producing heat and using dependable stainless stell fuel pump
  • Efficient and economic - uses 0.80 gallons per hour
  • Easy operation - has integrated control box with circuit board and indicator lights
  • Eco friendly - it generates clean heat in enviromental friendly way 
  • Remote thermostat - for your convenience
  • Fail safe - using sensors to protect from over heating 
  • Long Warranty Life - 12 months on parts and 12 months on labor 
    More technical data of Eliminator:
    • BTU Output - 120,000
    • Volts - 115
    • Amps - 3.8
    • Fuel capacity - 15 gallons
    • Igniter - manual
    • Chimney pipe size - 6 inches
    • Dimensions (L x W x H) - 30 x 23 x 42 inches
    • Ship weight - 250.0 lbs
    • Made in U.S.A.


    The New Eliminator Waste Oil Heater
    The Eliminator is, fundamentally, a waste oil furnace. It allows users to burn waste oil or vegetable oil and use the heat that comes from it. There is nothing very new about this concept of using waste oil, as it's around for some time now. So what is it about the waste oil heater that makes it so important?

    In fact, whilst other heaters have many impressive features and functions, there is arguably no one single point like using waste oil for fuel. It really is an example of the using what we have or can get for cheap, instead of using lots of money to buy fuel. So, with that being said, lets have a look at the key aspects:

    Burns on any oil
    First of all the Eliminator really can burn most oils. When oil is preheated than it burns automatically.
    You can burn your used vegetable oil, gear lube oil, trannsmission fluid etc., so if you do have access to waste oil products you can heat your shop or garage and stop paying for heat.  Check out how the new Eliminator compares with other heaters below:

    • Easy maintenance 
    • Reliable and secure
    • Enviromentally friendly
    • Fail safe
    • Affordable and saving you money
    • Made in U.S.A.

    Ease of Use
    The Eliminator is incredibly easy to use and operate. It's ideal for garages, shops, more open spaces and other facilities. This is actually quite difficult to explain if you haven't used one - but, for many people, it's very easy to operate it, even more than a normal heater.

    A couple of weeks after I first got my Eliminator, I got a question from my neighbor to advise me that the prices of propane gas has gone up. I was a little surprised because I hadn't ordered it - but when I checked the prices, it was really a bargain for me, using waste oil. I have now forgotten about buying propane every time. Normally I would have been delighted to have huge reserve- and so I was, but I was less happy than normal knowing that the prices might go up, and so my expenses would then soar. I was going to have to go back to bank and negotiate, but now with waste oil, this is all history.  Today, like many other users, I prefer to use my Eliminator rather than use a propane heater.

    Value For Money
    Now the price for Eliminator waste oil heater is lower than Lanair which sells at 5,200$, so it's great value for money and very affordable. Don't forget that it's also made in U.S.A. so it's really reliable and way cheaper comparing to heaters produced in other countries, specially for heavy users. It has been reviewed as top product - reliable and best money spent, over wood stoves and various propane heaters. As propane prices has gone up, this is realy a bargain.



    You should pay attention to yearly maintenance due to the tiny metal shavings that are in the waste oil from the engines. It can foul the nozzles, and destroy the filters. So make sure to know the quality of your oil. If you can filter it, as this will provide you less expenses after. Think about and schedule annual cleanings. You can adjust CO output by using air dampers on the burner assembly. You will need to have the heat exchanger and flue tubes cleaned every year, pre heater removed and cleaned, nozzle pulled and cleaned. Also check that ignitor electrodeds are adjusted, and cad cell checked and if they need to be replaced. Check also that flue tee is clean, oil pre filter cleaned or replaced, air filter replaced if equipped with on board compressor and pump screen cleaned.

    Over the piece, the Eliminator may prove to be the ideal product for anyone who wants cheap and eco friendly heater. Fast, free and easy to operate coupled with fail safe system will give you freedom to heat your office or garage. Customers are return to buy waste oil heaters as it's a smart thing to do in todays economy and, as the Eliminator goes mainstream, economies of scale should be even more achievable.

    All things considered, it looks like waste oil heaters could very well change the way we all look at use of heaters in the not too distant future.

    Waste oil heater is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to use waste oil for heating.

    You can buy Eliminator waste oil heater at Amazon.com for 2.000$, or at Google checkout shop Northen Tool for almost identical price 1,999.99$, with very good reviews. Organic Mechanic has higher price 2,479$ and no reviews yet. Kutrieb Parts and Service sells Eliminator 120 model for 2,295$ plus shipping.



    Alternatives to Eliminator waste oil heater
    You can buy other alternatives like Cleanburn, Econoheat, Lanair (more expensive, you can choose from $3.600-$5.550),
    And if you would like to build it on your own, then you can buy Roger Sanders Mother Earth News plans for waste oil heater. That will cost you 33.50$.
    is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to use waste oil for heating.

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